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Glam Rock Roleplay

Hugs Time?☆.。*・:・゚.:*★

Glam Rock Roleplay, come join the ghey
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HAI, we be glam rock roleplaying. Come join in with the ghey. You can be anyone you want as long as they are glam related..say David Bowie plays Jareth the Goblin king..so you can be Jareth and ask for hugs teim. It's all gravy baby. You can be old school 70's glam(Bowie, Bolan, The Sweet) to glam acts of today (king adora/high society, manic street preachers, the ark) and even movie characters (rocky horror, velvet goldmine)

Here's a list of people to have chosen a role, if you want to play then message us and we shall add you if the name isnt taken and if they are REAL glam rockers. (If you ask to be a member from Kiss or Motley Crue I will punch you)
Roles are given at a first come first served basis, you must create a new lj as your character otherwise you can't play. nyeerrrr

Maxi Browne: maxibrowne
Ziggy Stardust: sexyziggy
Mick Jagger: mick_swagger
Richey Edwards: helloiamrichey
Nicky Wire: mrnickywire
Iggy Pop: theanglophile
Brett Anderson: suedebrett
Patrick Wolf: aslongasitlasts